New Teachers Union Contract Approved

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A new contract with District 203’s teacher’s union has been approved.

About the Contract

The Naperville Unit Education Association, or NUEA’s new one-year contract will provide a base salary increase of 1.75%.

The average returning teacher salary will increase by 3.88%.

And the total additional salary cost to the district is 1.61%.

“The spirit throughout the entire process has been collaborative and thoughtful, about ensuring that we have an environment that always thinks about how we can best serve our kids,” said Superintendent Dan Bridges. “But [it] honors, respects, and values the professionals and the commitment to our educators in this school district, because we know a lot of our successes are attributed to the work that is done by those educators.”

The NUEA contract is for the 2019-2020 school year, and becomes effective July 1.

Learning Commons Updates

The board also learned which schools’ learning commons would be getting some renovations this summer.

Scott Elementary, Beebe Elementary, and Kennedy Junior High will each get modernized learning commons.

“Our process for design aims to create new spaces that enhance four key focal areas. Innovation and Creation, Inquiry and Research, Literacy Growth, and Communication and Collaboration,” explained Chuck Freundt, the assistant superintendent for elementary education.

It’s estimated that combined, all three updates will cost a total of $679,828.

These renovations will make the total number of district learning commons updates to 15.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.