New Treehouse Tower at Fox Valley Mall

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Treehouse Tower

The Fox Valley Mall has a new addition – Treehouse Tower.

The Treehouse Tower is phase 2 of the mall’s Center Park project, which was finished in the winter of last year.

“[It] has an 850 square foot platform at the top. It’s an overlook to look over the Center Park,” said Fox Valley General Manager Scott Samson. “And there’s a unique spiral staircase going up the center of the tree of the treehouse that is an option to go up and down. As well as two crosswalks at the top from the second level.”

The Stage

“At the base of our tree is a permanent stage,” said Samson. “We’ll have programs ranging from live music to kids performances to our kids club reading time. We have hundreds of lights above the stage and they use LED technology. They can basically be any color of the rainbow.”

Positive Reception

“Families immediately took to it. People wanted to conquer it. You want to be the first one up there to say you’ve done it,” said Samson. “There’s been an awful lot of selfie activity once they got to the top. It’s been open less than a week and it was a real hit over the weekend. I think people really enjoy it.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.