New Verizon Wireless Antenna Approved for Downtown Naperville

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A Verizon Wireless antenna may be coming to the top of the Main Street Promenade.

The Planning And Zoning Commission unanimously approved the addition of a Verizon Wireless antenna to the top of the Main Street Promenade located at 55 S. Main Street in Downtown Naperville.

City staff and the commission were in support of the new antenna due to its low visual impact.

“I know that attention has been given to making sure it’s as seamless and compatible color wise and unobtrusive as possible so I will be supporting,” said Planning and Zoning Commissioner Carrie Hansen.

The antenna will only extend an additional seven feet beyond the 60-foot roof of the building and will only be visual from a distance.

The proposed antenna still must pass Naperville City Council’s final approval.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.