Nichols Library Hosts a Day of Harry Potter Fun

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The Party That Shall Not Be Named

Harry Potter lovers entered the magical world of the famous wizard as Nichols Library transformed into The Party That Shall Not Be Named.

The event brought in old-time fans of the Harry Potter series to celebrate the birthday of one of the most popular book characters.

“It’s very easy for you to find several characters you identify with and be able to slot yourself in and be like, oh I remember when I was in school and that type of thing,” said Courtney Chomycia, who belongs to the Slytherin House. “I think it’s also just an inviting story with a message that people can kind of get behind as well.”

Harry Potter-Themed Activities

That story was brought to life with many fun activities for both the long-time fans and the newer ones.

Some had to use their wits in the escape room to free themselves from Azkaban, while others dueled it out in a Quidditch or Shpero Tri-Wizard Tournament.

On the craftier side, participants created their own wands, drafted their Hogwarts acceptance letters, and witnessed how magical potions are made.

“This is a family event, and it’s all free. They get to come and make wands, they get to participate. And we don’t charge a cent. It’s just for the community to show them what the library has to offer and to encourage them to read some more,” said Anne Bultman, co-chair of The Party That Shall Not Be Named.

The library hopes to make The Party That Shall Not Be Named an annual event so they can continue to take people on a Harry Potter adventure.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.