NNHS Computer Science Club Host Hackathon

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High school students from different schools in the area are busy coding today at the Hackathon hosted by the Naperville North Computer Science Club.

Hack for the World

The club was inspired by other Hackathon events they’d been to, so they decided to host their own.

“That really got my love for computer science, that’s how I’ve gotten inspired by it,” said student organizer Aditya. “So I felt like this would be the thing to do to give back to the community and make a completely free Hackathon for students like us.”

Hack for the World is a 12-hour, student-run coding event for those interested in computer science and the STEM field.

Goal of the Hackathon

The teams need to build an app, game, or website that helps accomplish one of the United Nation’s 17 global goals.

Some of those goals include quality education, good health and well-being, and climate action.

“Our team’s working on a game where the goal is to get the entire U.S. to run off of wind power while also fighting against fossil fuels and other difficulties that might come in your way,” said participant Maaz.

“We’re working on something like trivia crack where it’s an information game that allows people to have fun and enjoy learning about something for their mental health,” said participant, Ava.


Around 60 students gathered at Dealer Inspire for the event where they broke out into teams to brainstorm ideas and get to work on building each of their platforms.

Projects are due at 6 p.m. and the judges will award the top three teams, the best beginner project, and the best designed project.

Prizes are a variety of techy items like gaming headphones, wireless keyboards, and power banks.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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