NOAH’s Closure Affects Naperville Fundraiser

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NOAH’s Event Venue in Naperville has suddenly closed due to bankruptcy, which has already affected a Naperville event.

Naperville Event Affected

Variety, The Children’s Charity of Illinois is a non-profit organization that helps families with children with disabilities.

They were planning to host an Oscars Watch Party fundraiser tonight at NOAH’s. Even now, they still haven’t received a call or email from the company.

“After we saw multiple reports from other states that the doors were locked and they were having the same experience we were – nobody was returning calls, nobody was returning emails. When you call the corporate office the line went dead. There just wasn’t any communication,” said Angelique Barthel, executive director of Variety, The Children’s Charity of Illinois. “That was basically how we knew it was time to start looking for somewhere else really quick.”

Finding a New Place

With only 48 hours to go until the big night, the event was quickly moved to Elements at Water Street in Downtown Naperville.

Even though everything changed last minute, it was thanks to teamwork that they were still able to hold the special night.

“Something negative happens but you wind up seeing all the positivity that is truly around you all the time. One of our guests did note that it wouldn’t be the Oscars without a little drama,” said Barthel.

What Happened to NOAH’s

According to ABC News 5 Cleveland, about $7 million worth of events, many of them weddings, remain and may be canceled and more than two dozens of locations across the nation have shut their doors.

NOAH’s bankruptcy attorney, Kenneth Cannon II said the company filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2019, which turned into a Chapter 7 liquidation at court on February 6, according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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