North Central and IIT Partner for Streamlined Engineering Program

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North Central College recently announced a new partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology which would give engineering students an accelerated path to a graduate master’s degree.

Engineering Program Partnership

The agreement allows qualifying undergraduate students at North Central to take graduate-level courses at IIT, while also making it easier and more affordable.

“What it comes down to is that it makes the process a lot more streamlined,” said Director of North Central’s Engineering program Frank Harwath. “It reduces the amount of time it takes in total in order to get the combined degrees. Students can take a certain number of classes that apply to both degrees. In addition to that, all students who are accepted into the program receive a scholarship.”

Students in the program will also have their application fees to IIT graduate programs waived and get the chance to meet with IIT’s Office of Graduate Admissions for help with graduate school applications.

Fast Program Growth

North Central’s engineering program was only just launched in 2018, but college officials are excited about the growth of the program.

“We’ve got wonderful facilities, new buildings – a number of the labs are in the main Wentz Science Center which is only three years old and our manufacturing lab was just put into a brand new building on Chicago Avenue,” said Harwath. “We’ve got all the latest and greatest facilities and faculty to give our students the chance to succeed.”

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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