North Central College Launches Rebrand

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North Central College is launching an initiative to rebrand and focus on what they think the college does best.

“Exceed Your Personal Best”

The rebrand is centered on the idea of “exceed your personal best,” and accompanying that platform is a new logo for the first time in over 20 years.

“I think there was a realization that North Central has a really great story to tell but we weren’t sure that people outside of the college and institution were hearing that story,” said William Muck, co-chair of the college’s Market Research Brand Strategy Committee.

Muck also teaches political science at the college, which gives him a close up view of how the institution helps students grow, one by one.

“We get students who come in, maybe don’t have a lot of confidence when they come in… and what we do is we pull them up. We instill them with confidence,” said Muck. “I think the faculty and the staff inspire them, give them a sense of direction, where they’re going. Allow them to do bigger things than they thought they could do. Exceed their personal bests.”

New Look Already Visible

The college will roll out the rebrand over the next few years, but you can already see the new look on campus.

North Central reached out to thousands of students, alumni, faculty, and others to provide input for the new brand.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.