North Central College Named an Arboretum

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Arboretum Status:

North Central College celebrated its new arboretum status. This past fall the school was accredited as an arboretum and to celebrate they planted three new trees on Jefferson plaza.

“I mean everybody on campus loves trees, so it’s a good day for people to come out and to show their appreciation for trees and the students really enjoy planting trees and having a part in the trees on campus,” said Brittany Drummond, director of sustainability at North Central College.

Becoming an arboretum has been a goal for the Campus Tree Committee. It’s thanks to one member in particular, junior Anna Halverson, that the school has reached its arboretum status.

“It’s really cool that people can come on visits and I can say ‘you’re standing in an arboretum right now,’” said Halverson. “Just to show our dedication to helping our ecosystem here and try to focus on biodiversity and adaptability and need of planting. It’s just been really rewarding.”

They’ve reached this goal, but they’re not done yet. They hope to plant up to 100 tree species on campus so they can reach level two arboretum status.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.