North Central College Offers Free Webinar Series on COVID-19 Effects

North Central College webinar series covid-19
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North Central College is holding a free webinar series this summer focusing on COVID-19 and its effects on our society.

Hosted By Faculty

College faculty members from 13 academic programs will host the 17 different webinars. The sessions are open to all.

“North Central College faculty have such a vast range of expertise, and the COVID-19 pandemic lends itself to examination from multiple perspectives,” said Stephen Maynard Caliendo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at North Central College in a press release. “What has emerged throughout this project is a rich, multi-disciplinary exploration of this important moment in world history. North Central students will be excited to see some of their favorite professors doing what they do best, and the community at large will benefit from the information and invitation for discussion. This series captures the essence of the North Central experience by combining real-world events with deeper academic exploration.”

The webinars cover a broad range of topics, and many will include Q&A sessions with the professors.

Links on North Central Website

Links to the webinars will be posted each week on the North Central College website. Participants can view the webinars and then send in questions for the live Q&A sessions, which will take place a day after the webinars are posted.

All webinars will be archived on the North Central College website and YouTube channel.


The full schedule for the Q&A sessions is as follows (note – these are subject to change):

Social Media and Misinformation

June 30, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Michael Blight, assistant professor of communication


The Chinese Response to COVID-19 in Three Stages

July 1, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Jinai Sun, associate professor of Chinese


How Epidemics Have Shaped Chicago’s History

July 2, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Ann Durkin Keating, Dr. C. Frederick Toenniges Professor of History


The Epidemiology of Coronaviruses

July 7, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Greg Ruthig, associate professor of biology


The Invisible Pandemic

July 9, 12 p.m. CDT | Judith Broadhead, associate professor of English


COVID-19 and The Constitution               

July 14, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Thomas Cavenagh, Schneller Sisters Professor of Leadership, Ethics,

and Values; Director of Leadership, Ethics and Values program; co-director, Center for Social



The Individualistic Root of the Resistance to Prevention in the U.S.

July 16, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Yadong Ji, assistant professor of communication


Thucydides? Again?

July 21, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Michael de Brauw, associate professor of classics


Voting During a Global Pandemic

July 23, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Suzanne Chod, associate professor of politic science; Dr. William

Muck, professor of political science


The Black Death, 1348-1352

July 28, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Bruce Janacek, professor of history, executive director, sixteenth

century society & conference


How the Pandemic Threatens Local Journalism (and What Might Be Done About It)

July 30, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Steve Macek, Professor of Communication


From the Plague to COVID-19: Responding to Pandemic in Stories

August 4, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Jennifer Smith, associate professor of English; chairperson,

Department of English


The Chemistry of Anti-Viral Drugs Used to Treat COVID-19

August 6, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Nicholas Boaz, assistant professor of chemistry


Understanding the Physiological and Psychological Aspects of COVID-19

August 11, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Leila Azarbad, Professor of Psychology; Dr. Maggie Gill, associate

professor of psychology and neuroscience; Dr. Alexis Chambers, assistant professor of

psychology and neuroscience; Dr. Michael Stefanik, assistant professor of psychology and



COVID-19 and the Environment

August 13, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Rebecca Sanders, assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. Paul

Bloom, associate professor of physics


From Global to Local: Supply Chain Structure Evolution and COVID-19

August 18, 7 p.m. CDT | Dr. Esen Andic-Mortan, assistant professor of management


COVID-19 and Our Youth: Where We Are Now, and Where Are We Going?

August 20, 12 p.m. CDT | Dr. Mary Groll, professor and program director of health sciences


If you have a story idea, we want to hear from you!