Northeast Region Now on Track To Hit Phase Three At May’s End

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The Northeast region, which includes Naperville, is now on track to move forward to phase three of the Restore Illinois plan with the other regions in our state at the end of the month, according to Governor J.B. Pritzker.

Positivity Rate Drops Below 20%

The positivity rate, which was the one metric holding our region back, has now dropped below the 20% level required.

The rate is measured on a rolling 14 day basis.

“I think overall if you look at the trend – the trend for the state and the trend for that region is downward,” said Prizker at today’s press briefing. “I think that’s a very good sign that you know, as of the end of a 28-day period, on May 28, the end of May 28 that it’s highly likely that on that metric the northeast region as well as the other regions will, will meet that mark and then you know you gotta look at the other marks, but it looks to me like they’re all on track to meet the other marks too to move on to phase three.”

Benchmarks Required

The positivity rate for the Northeast region is currently 19.9%. It must stay at an average of below 20% for 14 days for the region to achieve phase three.

Other benchmarks that must be met include hospital admissions for COVID-19 staying level or decreasing for a 28-day period, and a minimum of 14% of ICU, medical and surgery beds being open for use: all of which all four regions in the state are currently meeting.

Phase Three

Once the state enters phase three, manufacturing, offices, retail, barbershops, and salons can reopen to the public with certain guidelines and safety precautions in place.

Face coverings and social distancing will still be required. Gatherings will remain limited to 10 or less.

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