NPD Focuses on Traffic Safety

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The Naperville Police Department is focusing this month on safely sharing the road.

“This month for ‘A Safer Naper’ we’re focusing on traffic safety,” said NPD Crime Prevention Specialist Julie Smith. “Not only automobile safety but also pedestrian and bicycle safety. So no matter how you get around town, we want residents to stay safe.”

Be Alert for Traffic Stops

The initiative comes shortly after a statewide promotion of Scott’s Law, also known as the Move Over Law. By the beginning of April, 16 officers had been hit while conducting traffic stops on the side of the road in 2019.

“We really want to focus on Scott’s Law because there has been so many casualties from troopers and other officers being injured on the roadway,” said Smith. “If you do observe an officer doing a traffic stop, or a traffic crash, you want to veer to the left as far as possible and avoid them and give them their ample space.”

Traffic Safety Applies to More than Drivers

But cyclists and pedestrians have just as much responsibility to stay vigilant while on or near the road.

When riding in the street, bicycles must follow all the rules of the road that a car would, including signaling turns with their arms.

“Pedestrians also have a responsibility to stay safe. We’ve been seeing an increase of pedestrians not paying attention and therefore jeopardizing their safety. So when you are walking, don’t just expect that car to stop just because you entered the crosswalk,” said Smith.

A Shared Space

Many of Naperville’s roads are busy and it’s important to be attentive.

“We’re all sharing the roadway and we all have a responsibility to stay safe,” added Smith.

The police department offers a $25 Downtown Naperville gift card to one lucky Twitter or Facebook poster who uses the hashtag #ASaferNaper showing how they use NPD’s traffic safety tips to stay safe.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.