Ogden Avenue Repaving

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Beginning on June 19, the Illinois Department of Transportation will begin repaving portions of Ogden Avenue.

“Resurfacing from Ogden Avenue and Raymond in Naperville all the way to 355 in Lisle,” said Communications Manager with the City of Naperville, Linda LaCloche. “So it’s a pretty big stretch of road and obviously its going to affect our residents and people who travel through Naperville so even though its an IDOT project we wanted to tell people in Naperville that its about the happen.”

Currently, IDOT plans to begin in Lisle, and then work their way into Naperville. This will require daily lane closures, however they will not begin before 9 a.m. in Naperville.

IDOT will also be doing minor curb and sidewalk repairs as they move down Ogden.

This work is anticipated to last until early November, but that could change depending on the status of Illinois budget.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.