Old Naperville Day Block Party

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Old Naperville Day Block Party

It was a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the music at The Lantern’s third annual Old Naperville Day Block Party.

“We’re trying to go back to the old-fashioned block party, where neighbors and friends come together and family. It’s not big, it’s not giant, it doesn’t cost anything to attend. And we all just stand on this one block and enjoy each other’s company,” said Teri Feldott, organizer of Old Naperville Day.

Whether it was face painting, playing a game, or dancing to the beat, old and new generations enjoyed a day of family fun.

And you know it’s not a party without food. Some party-goers had a bite to eat, indulged their sweet tooth, or enjoyed a beer.

Community Support

The Lantern hosts the event, but it’s what they get back that’s so important to them.

“Our favorite part is all the support that we feel from our friends, our customers, our families. We have a ton of volunteers that are actually our friends and customers and everybody comes together for this one day to help us and to help DuPage Pads, and it’s just really a good feeling,” said Feldott.

This year, a portion of the money raised from food and drinks will be donated to DuPage Pads.

“So the proceeds that we receive today will empower our work, will empower the work of the volunteers, and it’ll be a better tomorrow for the people that we serve,” said President and CEO of DuPage Pads, Carol Simler.

A day that brings friends, family, and community together.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.