Old Nichols Named Endangered

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The Old Nichols Library has been named to Landmarks Illinois’ list of most endangered historic places for 2018.

This announcement comes as crews prepare the site for partial demolition. The 120-year-old building is a local landmark, so to preserve the majority of that facade, just the south wing built in 1962 and the original east wall is being taken down, as approved by Naperville’s Historic Preservation Commission.

“We know and appreciate the significance of the building and have been working on remodeling aspects for the preservation of the remaining structure. We will continue to listen to ideas and work with the city and others as we go forward with a development,” said one of the owners of the building, Dwight Avram.

The demolition will allow owners Avram and Jeff Brown more room for construction of a mixed-use development on the site.

Landmarks Illinois’ is a membership-based nonprofit organization that invests in saving historic places in our state. Through their list, they promote the saving and preservation of those sites.

The Old Nichols Library was one of twelve sites that made Landmarks Illinois’ list.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.