One Step Closer to Sidewalk Liquor Sales in Naperville

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At the most recent liquor commission meeting, the group voted to allow certain establishments in downtown to be able to sell liquor at their outdoor seating areas.

The ordinance would require a five-foot pedestrian path along the seating area and a 10 p.m. limit to service of liquor outdoors. It would also limit the amount of music that’s permitted outside the restaurant to no more than 50 feet beyond the restaurant and only for creating ambiance- a move that commissioners feel would please other downtown businesses.

“I think with the language in there of what the intent of this music is for the ambiance of its patrons and not for drawing people into their establishment,” said Mayor Steve Chirico.

The ordinance will be sent to City Council for final approval. If passed it will sunset at one year and need Council review after that.

The commission also gave preliminary approval to increase the class M lifestyle amenities license from 11 to 13 to allow Soleil Luxury Salon and Spa to serve beer and wine on the premises- a change that would add to their new full immersion experience.

Currently the salon has a location on Route 59 in South Naperville and will be opening up in the Water Street District.

Soleil Salon and Spa would be capped at serving two drinks per customer and is looking to charge an additional fee for the drinks.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.