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The City of Naperville is taking steps to be more transparent.

They recently launched Open Data Naperville which gives residents access to a number of new data sets.

“We have a huge amount of data here at the city, it’s not our organizations data, it belongs to the public,” said Deputy City Manager of the City of Naperville, Marcie Schatz. “And where we find people asking questions through FOIA or looking for other information, we really wanted to provide that data to them any time that they wanted it, 24/7, in a format that was usable to them.”

The new online portal lets residents better filter information based on what they’re interested in, whether that be police reports, which are updated every two hours, to building permits or even city financial information.

Continuing the “What Works Cities” initiative, data is also available in multiple visual formats, and for download.

Open Data Naperville can be found at

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.