OSOT-America Spreads Holiday Cheer to Troops

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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Naperville-based Operation Support Our Troops-America is providing some holiday cheer to those who serve our country.

“All year round we’re shipping 25-pound comfort and care packages to troops. And then we pivot in October,” said Scott Maxson, Executive Director of Operation Support Our Troops-America. “So at the beginning of October we pivot into Santa’s workshop. We take those same boxes we were shipping and fill them with at least five stockings.”

Holiday Stockings

The festive holiday stockings are all handmade by volunteers and filled with hygiene products, comic books, snacks, cards and letters, and more.

For 14 years, the organization has been packing these items. But this year they’re working just a little bit harder.

Maxson said because of the pandemic, some troops are staying longer than planned to prevent more military members catching the virus.

“It’s really about bringing positivity and letting them know that, we love you, we appreciate you, and you’re not forgotten. We’re thinking of you all the time,” said Maxson. “Whatever puts a smile on them, if we could help them for a few minutes and get to a better place then we’re thrilled with that.”

The nonprofit started shipping out the holiday stockings and hope to send out 5,000 this year.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.