Outdoor Activities You Can Do in Downtown Naperville

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Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for some outdoor activities to do, there’s a couple of options in Downtown Naperville.

Pinot’s Palette

At Pinot’s Palette, there’s a new space for you to create your artwork.

The studio is offering outdoor painting. You can make a reservation, walk-in, or stop by their new free style evenings with self-guided painting.

Customers have been receptive to the idea, even those who didn’t know it was an option.

“We had a bachelorette party that was scheduled to paint inside and then when they got here they saw the tables outside and they said, ‘hey can we sit outside?’” said Pinot’s Palette owner Pamela Bartlett.

And to continue the fun at home, you can grab a take home paint kit to work on a new masterpiece.

Pure Barre

Another outdoor activity in Downtown Naperville is a workout class at Pure Barre.

The classic barre fitness class is a full body workout with floor exercises, light weights, and ab work.

“Outdoors is actually a little bit more challenging because you don’t have a bar to hold onto,” said Pure Barre owner Kristy Gagovski. “So everything you do is in the center of your space and it really challenges your core to work a little bit more.”

The fitness studio offers five outdoor classes a week for 45 minutes.

With the option to burn some calories off outside, the studio has received positive feedback and may add it into their program next summer.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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