Parents Raise Concerns at District 203 Meeting

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At the most recent District 203 Board of Education meeting a group of parents raised concerns about district policies.

A representative of the group spoke to the board regarding the way school resource officers question students in sensitive or disciplinary matters.

The concern stemmed from the handling of the Corey Walgren case this past January, when a school resource officer and a dean questioned the Naperville North junior about the contents of his phone without a parent present. Shortly after, Walgren left the school and committed suicide.

“I feel it’s our right as parents, and mine as a clinician that works with teens, to continue to advocate for clarity and change in policies, procedures, conduct of staff or community members, in efforts to protect children,” said Jennifer Curtain, at 203 parent and Licensed Clinical Therapist. “Teen brains are not fully developed and our school district needs to function in a way that equally supports school safety and healthy growth, both academic and emotional. The events of January 2017 have forever changed us, and the fears of parents and the students in this district need to be addressed.”

Curtain asked the board many questions regarding the way future disciplinary matters will be carried out. The group also asked that their questions be addressed in a public manner, perhaps at a future board meeting.

This was one of the first times that community members addressed the board regarding the Walgren case.

Also of note at the meeting, the first time the board discussed their Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan, which they aim to approve in October.

Students from Naperville Central and Naperville North were honored as National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists as well.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.