Parents Voice Remote Learning Concerns

Remote Learning Concerns
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Remote Learning Concerns

This morning, a small group of around 15 District 203 parents gathered at the Naperville School District 203 administration building to voice their concerns about starting the upcoming school year with remote learning.

“I decided to come out with my family to support the initial hybrid and e-Learning choice because I feel like for some people, e-Learning is the right option,” said one District 203 parent. “But for a lot of kids it is not and it’s not effective, especially for special needs students.”

“It’s really upsetting as a parent not only to know that their development is being compromised but we don’t know what the future looks like for them in terms of what the district is going to offer,” another parent added. “We haven’t seen the details, we haven’t seen a plan. Anything that’s really effective for special education students.”

The group said another concern is their students’ mental and emotional health from being isolated. Another parent is worried about her son, who will be a senior.

“His classes for his auditions cannot be duplicated online. His performance classes, his AP classes for his college applications, (and) for his scholarships.”

Parents Ask for a Choice

The parents of the group said they understand remote learning may be a better choice for some families. But they said they would like to have the options offered in the initial Return to Learn plan

“It’s ok if someone wants to do remote learning if it works for them,” said a District 203 parent. “But it doesn’t work for everyone and we need to have a choice. We need to give it a try.”

Some parents said they are considering turning to private schools for their kids’ education this year.

District 203

The school district did not comment, but will be discussing the updated Return to Learn plan at tonight’s school board of education meeting.

Public comments can be submitted ahead of tonight’s meeting through the district website until 4 p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.