Naperville Park District Christmas Tree

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Adding some holiday spirit to the Naperville Riverwalk recently was the Naperville Park District’s Christmas tree.

The blue spruce stands at 20 to 21 feet tall on the corner of Webster Street and Jackson Avenue, taking the place of the Dandelion Fountain.

It was recently brought downtown from the Bennington Homeowners’ Association and was chosen for its size, appearance and accessible location.

“It’s kind of exciting to put up the holiday tree and the Santa House and everything and to know that a lot of people will be celebrating the holidays down here in the next month,” said Clint Burnell, a parks specialist II with the Naperville Park District.

Lights were added shortly after putting up the tree, which are sure to brighten up the riverwalk for everyone this season.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.