PDC Commissioners Take A Stroll On The Naperville Riverwalk

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It was a change of scenery for the latest Riverwalk Planning, Design, and Construction meeting, as commissioners went on a stroll to discuss potential development guidelines for the Naperville Riverwalk.

Strolling Through The Naperville Riverwalk

The PDC discussed those guidelines at an earlier meeting this year, but wanted to see in person what those concepts might look like.

“It’s fun to share and collaborate on what the opportunities are. And that’s the attempt behind this master plan document, is to get that recorded, get it on a plan. And then, get the foundation excited about it, get the public and city excited about it so we can move forward with it, one chunk at a time,” said PDC Commissioner Geoff Roehll.

Potential Projects

Commissioners started the early morning walk by traveling to the south extension of the Riverwalk before looping around to the Grand Pavilion. Along the way, smaller sized projects were discussed like leveling out parts of walkways, and clearing out invasive species to make room for sightseeing.

Update On Development Guidelines

Some of the development guidelines projects were updated, like the extension from Hillside Road to Martin Avenue. The new update would add a bridge and move the north sidewalks closer to the river.

The concept would also include a walkway underneath the Hillside bridge so pedestrians don’t have to worry about crossing through traffic.

All the projects that were discussed can be subject to change could change, but commissioners are working towards a master plan and hope to have one in the near future.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.