Peaceful Art Gathering for Black Lives Matter

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A small group of around 10 gathered at Rotary Hill for a peaceful art gathering in support of Black Lives Matter.

Peaceful Gathering

“For today I gathered a few of my friends and we really wanted to create an opportunity to facilitate good and strong conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement and bring attention to Naperville because there’s been incidents where there are kids in Naperville who are saying racist things, who aren’t treating everybody equally as they should.

Making Art

We wanted to create an opportunity that’s different than all of the protests going on. So today with the whole art we just wanted to use that as a medium to express the message, to express the movement in a way that’s different going in the streets and chanting and protesting. That’s been effective and that’s been working in other places but why not try something different and bring a way to gather people in our community.

More Conversations

By having those conversations on a personal level, you’re creating a bigger movement and you’re reaching people more personally than just sharing a thread on Instagram or on Twitter or on Facebook. It’s so easy to just see something related to the movement, like it, and be like yeah I’m supporting it. You’re doing more by showing up and by speaking up. It’s more than just a body count, it’s actually having a voice in you and facilitating that voice and using it.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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