Protesters March Through Downtown Streets

Peaceful Black Lives Matter
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NCTV17’s news teamcovered the Peaceful Black Lives Matter’ Protests in downtown Naperville. The group was on the move for three hours, ending up in downtown Naperville.

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Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest and March Updates

[June 8, 2020 3:55 p.m.] The intersection of Chicago and Washington is now completely blocked by protesters who have settled in to share stories of racism.

[3:40 p.m.] Protesters are now approaching the downtown area where they intend to kneel once more.

[3:15 p.m.] Protesters are continuing to march east on Jefferson towards downtown Naperville.

[2:55 p.m.] A car pulling out of a gas station waded into the crowd of protesters before being stopped by police.

[2:50 p.m.] Protesters have stopped at the intersection of Ogden and Aurora to take a knee for 4 minutes and 23 second. They will repeat the exercise at another intersection, representing the 8:46 seconds George Floyd had a knee on his neck.

[2:30 p.m.] After ending walk to Naperville Police Department with no signs of police presence, the protesters have announced their intention to march on Ogden Avenue.

[1:50 p.m.] The protesters have picked up a few hundred people participating in a march from downtown Naperville towards the Naperville Police Department.

[1:30 p.m.] A small group of protesters met on the corner of Washington and Chicago.

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