Peaceful Protest Against Terror

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In two minutes of silence, 40 bells tolled over the candlelit crowd gathered outside the Naperville Municipal Center.

“Very emotional, very touching and a lot of unity,” said attendee Anju Katyal.

It was done in remembrance of the lives lost in a recent terrorist attack claimed by the Pakistan-based Army of Mohammed in the Indian state of Kashmir.

“There was an attack on paramilitary forces and innocent people on February 14, on Valentine’s Day. Where over 40 people were killed and many were injured. And this has been going on, this has been happening for many years now. It’s non-stop,” said Krishna Bansal, president of Indian Community Outreach.

Indian Community Outreach put on the peaceful protest against terror, to condemn the latest attack and to spread peace from Naperville, to India, and around the world.

“And we just wanted to come over here and show respect for our nation and unity for India,” said attendee Seema Kumar.

Along with the singing of both the U.S.’ and India’s national anthems, Mayor Steve Chirico and U.S. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois’ 8th Congressional District both spoke about uniting together as a community in a time of need.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.