Pi Day in Naperville

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Every year, March 14 is recognized in a tasty way.

“Today is 3-14 or ‘Pi Day,’ so this is a day you go around and get some pies!,” said Terrell Cole, owner of Dark Horse Pastries in Downtown Naperville.

To celebrate this year’s Pi Day, Terrell Cole, owner of Dark Horse Pastries, whipped up some sugary slices of banana cream, chocolate brownie and a nostalgic favorite: sweet potato pie.

“Well first you got to have a sweet potato, start with that,” said Cole.

After baking and peeling the sweet potatoes, ingredients like sweet and condensed milk and vanilla are added to the bowl.

Then it’s time to mix things up.

“They’re still warm so I want to get them nice and whipped up, but I’m going to use a paddle instead of a whisk to whip them, incorporate a little air into them, which lightens it up but also at the same time helps cool the sweet potatoes down,” said Cole. “I added most of the ingredients to it except for my aromatics, that would be the cinnamon, nutmeg, I throw a little ground ginger in also. And the eggs, I don’t want to put the eggs in hot because I don’t want them to scramble.”

After also adding brown sugar, and mixing for five minutes, the filling is ready to meet the crust and go in the oven for about thirty minutes.

Once it’s baked to perfection, different toppings like whipped cream or a caramel drizzle can be added to top it off.

“Just try to mix it up a little bit, have some fun with the pies,” said Cole.

And if sweet potato isn’t your thing, finding a different delicious piece is easy as ‘pi.’

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.