Plunging temperatures and bitter wind chills expected in Naperville 

icicles hang in view over water looking at Naperville buildings
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Temperatures are expected to plunge, bringing bitter cold weather with sub-zero wind chills to Naperville starting Saturday night and lasting through Tuesday, forecasters say.

But first, there’s more snow to deal with. Another two to four inches of snow for the area is possible as the rain is expected to transition to snow overnight.  This combination of strong winds and drifting snow will make roads slippery.

The City will keep plowing overnight and through the day tomorrow. Snow plows and city crews worked all day plowing roadways, including cul-de-sacs.

Beware of black ice

Drivers should be on alert for black ice as travel will be difficult and dangerous.  The city is urging extreme caution for anyone needing to travel, asking drivers to be careful and increase their following distance.  Also, exercise extra caution if you are walking, as standing water will turn to ice overnight.

More extreme temperatures, sub-zero wind chills ahead

Extreme temperatures and wind chills are anticipated throughout the weekend and next week. With these conditions, officials warn that frostbite can occur within 15-30 minutes to exposed skin.  The City advises all to make plans for your family, pets, home, and vehicles to be safe during cold weather.  

For more information on City resources visit their cold weather resource page. And check out NCTV17’s’ weather webpage for the latest forecast.

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