Police Urge Caution After Multiple Naperville Burglaries

Multiple Naperville Burglaries
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Multiple Burglaries on North Side of Town:

In light of multiple residential burglaries primarily in the north side of Naperville over recent weeks, the Naperville Police Department is urging residents to take extra care.

Since June 20, police say there have been eleven home burglaries and one attempted burglary. In most of those cases, criminals have gained access through an open door or window.

For that reason, police are reminding residents to lock their patio and garage doors, as well as their windows.

Burglars Striking in Early Morning/Overnight:

The burglaries have taken place in the overnight hours, or early morning. Police say keeping your home well lit both inside and out can be a deterrent as well.

Be vigilant, and report any suspicious activity to the police department by calling 9-1-1.