Possible DuPage County Recorder’s & Clerk’s Office Merger

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At the latest DuPage County Board Meeting the group voted to conduct a study that will look into consolidating the Recorder’s and Clerk’s Office.

Those Against The Study

The decision was a controversial one, as some thought the study would be premature as it will be presented before the question appears as a referendum on the ballot in November.

“We should do the study then after November once we give it to the voters. If the voters say ‘no do not merge’ then we’re wasting $32,600, said DuPage County Board Member Dawn DeSart.

Others thought the county should look into doing an internal study instead of hiring outside.

What Will The Study Do?

The study will focus on potential cost savings of merging the Clerk and Recorder’s offices, as well as suggesting how they should consolidate.

Those For The Study

Some felt having that information before the November election could help inform voters.

“Please let’s get the information. It’s going to be good, bad, or neutral, but we’ll be better armed than we are now,” said DuPage County Board Member Tim Elliot. “Our voters are going to be better than they are now when they go vote in a really important decision in November.”

In the end it was a 9-7 vote in favor of the study, which will be presented sometime in the summer.

The DuPage County Recorder’s Office would be dissolved into the Clerk’s Office by November 30, 2022 if voters do side with the merger.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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