Possible Jazz Club Coming to Naperville

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A jazz club could be coming to Naperville.

About the Idea

Pete Ellman, of Ellman’s Music Center, recently presented his jazz club idea to the Naperville Liquor Commission, asking for a license that would allow for serving drinks during musical performances.

“It’s like theater-style seating, and for $5 you get a bowl of chili and if you want beer or wine you can purchase that as well. So that’s kind of what my idea is,” explained Ellman.

Potential Location

He has yet to obtain a location for the club, but has the former School of Performing Arts on Washington Street in mind.

The Commission’s Response

The commission approved Ellman’s request, granting him the Class R Theater House liquor license.

However, instead of cutting off drink service at intermission, the commission voted to give Ellman a modification that would allow drinks to be served during performances and with service stopping a half hour before they end.

The proposal now goes to Naperville City Council for final approval.

Lifestyle Amenities Licenses

In other news from the meeting – it will now be cheaper for lifestyle amenities facilities, such as beauty salons, to serve a glass of alcohol under the Class M license.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.