Potential Changes to The Naperville Riverwalk

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Changes to one of Naperville’s top attractions could be coming as the planning, design and construction commissioners discussed several development guidelines for the Naperville riverwalk.

Some ideas include work on the north and south shoreline between Main Street and Washington Street. Commissioners also brainstormed ideas for the Grand Pavilion.

“Reimagining the Grand Pavilion and the adjacent parking lot on the west extension is another project,” said Riverwalk Administrator Janette Erickson. “This project could enhance the existing structure providing a more useable space for all the races and activities that take place there.”

Other Ideas for The Naperville Riverwalk

Another guideline pitched, was the addition of bike lanes on the east extension from Hill Side Road. to Washington Street.

“This project would design a pathway that would be safe for both pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Erickson.

Accesses to the riverwalk could be made easier, with the possible additions of ramps connecting the upper walkway of the Eagle Street. Plaza to the lower walkway.

Expanding the riverwalk from Hill Side Road to Martin Avenue, was also discussed. They also want to continue to partner with North Central College to build the Washington Street Park.

The last guideline they presented was to rehabilitate Moser Tower. A current assessment is being done on the structure. Once the findings are complete they’ll be shared with Naperville City Council who will make the final decision whether to tear it down, or repair parts of it.

Naperville News 17’s, Christian Canizal reports.