Potential five-story River Main Building Coming To Naperville

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At the latest Planning and Zoning meeting commissioners unanimously voted to approve River Main. The building would be a five-story multi-use structure, which would include a retail store, offices, and a potential restaurant.

“I think this location is a terrific location. I know it’s a self-serving compliment, but it is. I think it’s in a prominent location in Downtown Naperville, the visibility from Washington Street up Main Street. We just want to build a beautiful building that will compliment downtown,” said Steven Rubin, co-owner of the River Main Building.

History of Success

Rubin has a history of successful buildings in Downtown Naperville, including where the Starbucks and the Gap stores are located.

More Details on The Building

Located on the corner of Main and Water Street, River Main’s window design will have a 270-degree view, which will over look the DuPage River. It will also be the tallest building on Water Street after commissioners approved variances to allow for its height.

The owner of Empire, Will Cullen, and a Naperville resident gave a couple of public comments in support of River Main.

“I think what Mr. Rubin and his team have done here is very attractive, a very tasteful building,” said Naperville resident Ron Amato. “It compliments the neighboring structure well, it provides consistency and I think it’s exciting that corner of Water and Main.

Commissioners agreed that the building would be a good addition to Water Street voting 9-0 in favor of it. It will now go to city council who’ll have the final decision on the project.

River Main officials said if approved by council, the building could be open as early as March of next year.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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