Potential Renovations at Two Naperville Parks

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There could be some new renovations coming to two Naperville parks. The Naperville Park District is proposing new tile surfaces for their inline skating rinks at Commissioners Park and DuPage River Sports Complex.

Reasons For The New Tile at The Naperville Parks

“The tiles out here are worn out, simple as that,” said Michael Piszynski, the park district’s project manger. “They’re in need of replacement, and so it’s also a good opportunity to tackle some issues with the underlying pavement.”

If the park district board approves the plans, construction crews will lay concrete underneath the new tiles at DuPage River Sports Complex’s skating rink. Cost estimations for that project are around $270,000.

Since Commissioners Park’s inline rink already has concrete as its surface, the costs for installing the tiles is $91,000. Adding tile to its surface was something inline hockey players requested.

“They don’t like to play on the concrete surface versus the tile system because the concrete is A: more abrasive if they fall on it, and B: it chews up their equipment,” said Piszynski.

New Fitness Equipment

The preliminary plan is to add the new tiles at Commissioners Park first, which would be done by May. And then tackle the DuPage River Sports Complex project, which could be done by July.

Commissioners Park’s workout equipment would also be replaced, which would cost approximately $90,000. Park district officials said they’re confident that their board will approve the plans.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal.


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