Preparing Your Car for Winter

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Since we’ve already had our first snow of the season, it’s clearly time to think about prepping your car for winter.

Like anything left out in the elements, cars experience wear and tear. Getting out ahead of problems between swings in temperature is a smart way to keep your car running.

“A lot of people think winter is what damages your battery,” said Karen Conway, owner of Honest-1 Auto Care. “Actually it’s the heat of the summer that damages your battery. So we recommend doing a battery test. The cold weather requires more energy to be generated to get the engine starting. So now you have a stressed battery, it gets really cold and you’re not able to start the car.”

Checking everything on the outside is important too. Windshield wipers work harder in the winter pushing snow and slush away so you can see where you’re going.

And speaking of visibility…

“You want to make sure all your bulbs are working especially when we have more dark hours this time of year,” said Conway. “You want to make sure people can see you, especially if there’s a blizzard. The last thing you want if you’re driving in heavy snow is some poor guy not having a clue that your vehicle is really there until it’s too late.”

Conway also recommends keeping a safety kit and blanket in the car in case you do end up stuck in the cold.

One last tip: tire pressure can decrease as temperatures get colder. It’s always smart to check and refill to the recommended to pressure.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.