Property Along Knoch Knolls Road Donated to Naperville Park District

Knoch Knolls Road
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In recognition of a gift made to the Naperville Park District, officials are naming a portion of newly acquired property along Knoch Knolls Road as the Frank Rus Preserve at Knoch Knolls Park. Officials made a decision during Thursday’s park board meeting to authorize a gift sharing agreement between the district and the beneficiary of the Frank Rus Trust.

The decision allows the park district to acquire property, 10 S. 966 Knoch Knolls Rd, that is located along the western edge of Knoch Knolls Park. The board also passed a resolution naming the approximately 40-acre property after the donor.

How It Works

The board’s action signals the start of a 60-day review period, at which point additional information will be sought by officials before finalizing the property’s naming.

The property donation and naming are expected to be made official at the end of October.

How It Started

The beneficiary of the Frank Rus Trust had expressed interest to the park district in donating the property, which has a one-story house.

The donor would like the property to be put to use by the public for its enjoyment.

The park district intends to use the property to increase recreational programming, services and facilities.

Ultimately, the board decided to move forward with accepting the gift and taking action to recognize the donor.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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