Protest in Naperville Turns To Looting, Vandalism; Facebook Live

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Protest in Naperville

On Monday, June 1 after a day of peaceful protest, a large group gathered in Downtown Naperville at the corner of Washington and Chicago. While the city issued a 9 p.m. curfew, the majority of the protesters remained and marched through downtown before stopping in the middle of the intersection. Police officers were gathered in front of the demonstration, which was broken up by the release of fireworks in the area.

After the Video

Following the events shown in the live video, incidents of vandalism and looting ensued throughout the downtown area.

The next morning, residents gathered with brooms to clean up much of the debris and mess from the night before. Mayor Steve Chirico is hosting a press conference today to discuss the events of last night.

Watch NCTV17 Reporter Casey Krajewski’s live report on Facebook.

This feed was live and unedited, so we apologize for any graphic language or images that may appear.

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