Public Input for Streetscape Improvements

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Getting Public Input

City staff got some public input on the Downtown Streetscape Project plans.

The Transportation, Engineering, and Development group, or TED, hosted two public input sessions to get feedback on the project planned for the center of downtown.

Replacing old water mains and converting angled parking spaces to parallel ones are just some of the improvements.

The Feedback

“Probably the biggest thing we’ve gotten feedback on though is on the staging of construction,” said TED Director Bill Novack. “We had three different options out there. Ones that would be high impact but shorter duration versus less impact and longer duration. The vast, vast majority of people [want] high impact, shorter duration, get it over with sooner.”

Improvement Locations

Construction will be on the south side of Jefferson Avenue between Webster and Main, both sides of Main Street between Jefferson and Jackson Avenue, and parts of Webster and Jackson, adjacent to the other development.

There will be more public input sessions for the Downtown Streetscape Project in October.

Keep an eye on the city’s website for more details.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.