Pure Alchemy Hosts Raise Vibrations Event

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Raise Vibrations Event

A newly formed group, Pure Alchemy, hosted their first show at the Millennium Carillon on Saturday – Raise Vibrations.

“We’ve had a passion to help create social impact that’ll be lasting and be felt not just in one area, but in every area. Education, entertainment,” said founder of Pure Alchemy, Marquell Oliver. “We all were sitting back and we’re like, ‘ok, how do we capitalize on people being at home, people in a pandemic?’

The answer to that was through music.

“We said let’s put some music together, a little Kanye West style. Put a little flare into it and just use the spirits to move us and guide us and try to hone in on a shared collected vision,” said Oliver. “Our vision, it sounds very common, but we want to leave this place better than what we found it.”

Future Generation

Oliver said this is a unique time for this generation.

“From political season, from COVID-19 to not being in school, to not being at work. It’s so many first times that we are experiencing and I want to be able to help young people make it out of this better than ever because right now their future depends on how they handle the situation,” said Oliver.

The event also included speakers who talked about the important role of the upcoming generation. The group hopes to host more Raise Vibrations events.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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