P&Z Commission Approve Firestone Despite Concerns

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At the latest Planning and Zoning meeting commissioners voted to approve a full service Firestone despite concerns.

Noise Concerns

The 9-0 decision was met with some opposition from community members as representatives from Arbor Terrace Naperville voiced concerns.

“We’re just worried about the traffic and the noise for a use that’s not currently permitted,” said David Ennis, a representative for Arbor Terrace. “And this seems to be a very intensive use for this site.”

Ennis said the noise from the auto shop could degrade the quality of life of the terrace residents.

Representatives from GBT Realty Corporation said they’ve taken steps like having their service bays point away from the terrace and moving their property further from the retirement homes.

“We pushed the building into the furthest corner up to the highway and loaded up the rear of the side, or east side of our property, with heavy landscaping to screen both view and noise to try and make sure we can be the best neighbors we can be,” said Craig Cole a managing director at GBT Realty Corporation.

Commissioners ultimately approved the Firestone project but said they must comply with noise levels, which can’t exceed 45-decibels from the sidewalk near the building.

City council will have the final vote on the project.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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