Quarantine-O-Ween Parade Brings Smiles to Brookdale Community

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The scene just outside Brookdale Elementary looked more like October 31 rather than March 31, but community members wanted to lift their spirits and have a Quarantine-O-Ween Parade.

Keeping with the national guidelines of gatherings of 10 or fewer, the paraders mostly dressed in dinosaur costumes started their route through the Brookdale neighborhood. At first, there were some a bit confused by the group, but the weird looks quickly turned into smiles and praise for their costumes.

Community Members Thoughts on The Quarantine-O-Ween parade Parade

“This is incredible, it’s awesome! I’m happy that they’re out doing something productive like that and getting out of the house,” said Naperville resident Bill King. “It’s probably good for parents with little kids. It gives them a chance to get out a little bit and burn off some of the energy. All around, all good!”

During the parade, cars pulled over to grab a quick photo of the parade, while others joined the parade with their own costumes. One community member even put on his own performance.

Changing Up The Daily Routine

For some, the afternoon stroll was a nice change of pace — and clothes — from their quarantine life.

“We’re all stuck at our houses, and at least at our house, we’re not putting clothes on as we’re in pajamas day-in and day-out,” said Gina Secrist, who helped organize the event. “We change out of our daytime pajamas to put on our nighttime pajamas. Just to be out and about and seeing people smile was fun.”

For one resident, it’s a 16th birthday to remember.

“It’s definitely different, but you know what? We got to do something instead of staying at home, so I’m happy,” said Trenton.

Those walking in the Quarantine-O-Ween parade maintained social distancing rules by standing at least six feet apart from each other.

The event was filled with dinosaurs, music, and of course some big smiles, something we all could use a little more of during these times.

For Naperville News 17, I’m Christian Canizal.


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