QuickSave: The App That Could Potentially Save Lives

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In 2019, there were 25 school shootings that resulted in injuries or death, according to Education Week. The number has been a growing concern to students all over the country.

QuickSave App

Wanting to avoid even more causalities, two Naperville teens have created QuickSave, an app that allows police to track a student’s location if an emergency scenario were to occur at a school.

“So once a student clicks the save button it plants a point to exactly where they are,” said co-creator of QuickSave Rahul Koul. “This would help the police officers locate the student much faster as it would improve the response time because it would allow them to see where they are with precision in the school campus.”

Accolades For The App

Koul and his partner Ibrahim Islam have received local and national recognition for their app. The Neuqua Valley High School seniors were the 2019 winners of the Congressional App Challenge in Illinois’ 14th district, and will present their app in the capitol building in Washington D.C. in March.

“Also not only congress people will be there, but also representatives from leading companies so it’s just a phenomenal opportunity,” said Islam.

They’re in discussions with Neuqua Valley to implement QuickSave. They say the school’s bomb threat in 2018 was a big motivation for the app.

“You know the fact that this could happen to any of us really shows how much this could help potentially in the future and how important it is,” said Koul.

The two’s love for coding has resulted in an app that can potentially save lives.

“School safety is such a large problem. If a school implements our application, hopefully they never have to use it, but in the case they’ll have to use it gives a sense of security to the students,” said Islam.

Creating a sense of security and potentially quickly saving lives.

Naperville news 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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