“Racist Language” Used at Metea Valley High School Event

"racist language" metea valley
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Metea Valley High School parents were notified that a student used racist language when entering their name into an online display at a Democratic debate viewing event at the school last night.

The school did not specify the language used.

Principal Response:

Below is the full text of the message sent out to parents by Principal Dr. Darrel Echols in regards to the incident.

“Last night, approximately 140 students attended an event at our school to watch the Democratic debate. Students used their mobile device or laptop to enter their name using an online program for a pre-debate activity. Once logged in, students’ names were visible on a screen to all attendees. One student used racist language in place of their name. Teachers immediately took steps to try to determine which student was responsible. We are currently investigating this incident to identify the student or students. This behavior in our school will not be tolerated and student discipline will occur. If your child has any information about this, please encourage them to use the anonymous tip line on our website or speak with a trusted adult. Thank you for your continued support.”