Redevelopment of Old Nichols Passed

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With a unanimous vote, these architectural permit drawings for “Central Park Place” and the Old Nichols Library were approved.

The historic preservation commission recently passed the final proposal of the multi-use four-story building and preservation work, put together by Kluber Architects and Engineers and developed by Avram Buildings.

Old Nichols will get an upgraded and replica slate roof, front doors, windows and light fixtures, among other historically accurate renovations. The $21-million development to surround the library will consist of commercial and residential spaces, a basement garage for residents, and a rooftop garden.

Those who worked to ensure the 121-year-old landmarked library was renovated with preservation in mind were thankful for the process.

“It’s the end of a long journey. A lot of people working very hard and we got a nice synergy of development and preservation. The drawings we saw tonight are kind of the frosting on the cake. They’re proof that development and preservation can work together and help each other,” said Becky Simon, a member of the Save the Old Nichols Library group.

“It’s been very exciting to see these people actually hear us and go out of their way to really save this old building which means so much to so many people in this community. It’s really our history,” said Gail Diedrichsen, also from the Save Old Nichols Library group.

And those on the commission were equally grateful to collaborate with the community on the project.

“It’s hard to bring about change, particularly with things as precious as the Nichols Library,” said Commissioner Mike Urda. “But the community voiced that and the people in the community who worked so very hard boy I’m proud of you guys, really. I’m proud of the whole process and I just want to say that. I just want to say that it’s really great when you get involved in something and it really works.”

With the approval, Kluber Architects aim to hand in their new permit and get working on site before the end of the year.

And their representatives say that an unnamed restaurant is in the works to soon become the new tenant of Old Nichols.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.