Anniversary Gathering for Naperville’s George Pradel

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The daughter of Naperville’s George Pradel organized a small gathering today to remember and honor her father and former Naperville mayor on the anniversary of his passing.

Remembering “Officer Friendly”

A small group of friends, veterans and city staff joined her by a statue of her father on the side of Washington Street downtown earlier today. They shared stories and memories of George Pradel who passed away two years ago to this day, September 4, 2018, a day shy of his birthday.  Tomorrow would be his 83rd birthday.  The former mayor was best known as “Officer Friendly” for his kind demeanor as a Naperville Police Officer prior to becoming mayor, a title he would hold for 20 years as the city’s longest mayor.

Share Your Pradel Memories

Carol is encouraging everyone who knew her father to post photos of him on social media throughout the weekend. If you would like to share with us and the community, please feel free to also post your photos in the comments below as we are  remembering Naperville’s George Pradel over the holiday weekend.