Renovated Skate Facility Now Open at Frontier Sports Complex

Renovated Skate Facility Now Open at Frontier Sports Complex
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Skate Facility Now Open

Skating enthusiasts in South Naperville can now grab their boards or wheeled shoes and glide across a newly renovated skate facility. The Naperville Park District recently completed the renovation of the skate park at Frontier Sports Complex.

The new facility is now open and includes both street and ramp skating elements, a shade shelter, and a Naperville Park District logo feature. The park district began planning for the renovations in 2020 since equipment needed to be replaced due to wear and tear. The park district worked with American Ramp Company which is “owned and operated by skateboarding enthusiasts with 20+ years of experience designing and building skate parks across the U.S. and internationally,” according to a press release.

“Skateboarding remains a popular activity for youth and young adults in the community, and the park district is pleased to offer skate facilities both in the downtown area and in South Naperville,” said director of planning Eric Shutes. The new facility was created to be a place that is accessible for all ages and abilities.

The skate facility is located at 3380 Cedar Glade Drive. The layout of the renovated skate facility can be viewed here.

Centennial Park

Naperville’s other skate park may also be getting some work done on it. The park district plans to begin the design process next year for a 2023 renovation of the skate facility at Centennial Park. This is pending approval of the park district’s 2022 budget. The facility is in need of work for heavy use and wear and tear, according to the press release.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.