Residents Review Revised Polo Club Development Plans

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Since June, developer DR Horton has gone through many revisions of their plans to annex and develop the unincorporated 119th Street polo fields.

After residents and city staff voiced concern on the size of the proposal in many meetings, DR Horton presented its latest revision at an open house.

“It’s come down a lot from the original 723 units but it’s still at 500, which is a very high density compared to our neighborhood of Wolf Creek where we have 82 homes on the same amount of land. Our issue of course is still the density and traffic that’s coming from it and the safety issues that will arise,” explained Beth Quint, a resident of the Wolf Creek subdivision south of the polo fields.

Those 500 units are 30 percent less than the original proposal.

The other major difference is the replacement of 290 apartment units with 269 traditional townhomes.

“And they added a 30 foot buffer, which is great. [And it’s] adjacent to all of South Pointe so that was an improvement as well,” said South Pointe subdivision resident Jeff Dycus.

But even with these steps in the right direction, neighbors of the area still feel the density is too high at 4.5 households per acre. South Pointe subdivision to the north is only 1.9 per acre.

“I don’t think the roads can support it, that’s the biggest thing,” added Dycus. “It’s going to be a traffic jam at 119th, at 111th, and at Route 59, which as we all know is a major corridor with a significant amount of through traffic anyhow. I also think that you got to look at what Pulte is doing at Wagner Farms and 103rd.”

Residents were able to leave comments, which DR Horton will take into consideration as they continue to work on the development plan.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.