Residents Still Concerned about Fifth Avenue Process

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The first Fifth Avenue workshop included a community engagement update from Ryan Companies.

The Naperville City Council recently held its first Fifth Avenue workshop following an October vote requiring the developer chosen for the community engagement portion of the project to check in every two months.

Ryan Companies officials presented key takeaways from surveys, emails and group input sessions asking residents and commuters about their desires for the 13-acre development.

So far Ryan Companies has received 550 survey responses and 331 emails in addition to feedback at group and one-on-one meetings.

“As we moved through the community meetings and group input sessions, we felt excitement grow over the opportunity at hand as well as concerns about the what-ifs,” said Jim McDonald, Vice President of Real Estate Development for Ryan Companies.

Land use, traffic and pedestrian safety, and parking are some of the most talked about concerns Ryan Companies is hearing from community members.

But after all the outreach some residents say they are still concerned it isn’t enough.

“I’m concerned that these community outreach efforts are solely to satiate the residents. To say, yeah we heard you. I want to see more involvement, more involvement with facts, data, and the financials,” Park Addition resident Jayme Koller said.

Ryan Companies plans to have the steering committee finalized in January and working groups established in February. Specific dates member selection meetings can be found on