Resolve to Be Safer in 2019

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After the first successful year of A Safer Naper, the Naperville Police Department is continuing the community campaign in 2019.

The first topic of the year is “resolve to be safer.” Police officers will share what their resolutions are and give advice on being safer on the NPD’s social media pages.

“So some of the safer ones that we’re going to talk about in our January one are resolving to be safer by buckling up for safety. We’re going to talk about Lock It or Lose It. It’s an ongoing campaign with the police department about locking your valuables up, locking your vehicle up, locking your home up, to be a tougher target,” explained Deputy Chief of Investigations Kathy Anderson.

Along with social media posts, the NPD will host community presentations on the various monthly topics this year as well.

Expect those to range from tax fraud and burglary prevention to domestic violence awareness and summer safety.

The police department encourages the public to contact them with new ideas for A Safer Naper topics and to use #ASaferNaper on social media.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.