Restaurants Find Ways to Help Customers

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After Governor J.B. Pritzker announced all restaurants and bars in Illinois need to be closed to dine-in customers by tonight, and with schools closing due to coronavirus, some restaurants are finding innovative ways to still serve their customers and help parents with meals.


Fox Valley Mall’s Chick-Fil-A owner, Mark Cabera, is helping parents that are having trouble getting breakfast or lunch for their kids with school closures. In a Facebook post he said you can send him a message if you need help.

Belgio’s Catering

Belgio’s Catering is offering fully prepared meals for a family of four for $36 with free home or office delivery to locations north of 75th street. If you don’t live in that area, then it’s a $5 delivery charge.

To place an order you can call 630-369-6100 or email

McAlister’s Deli

Starting today until the end of the month, McAlister’s Deli is offering free kids meals at any time of the day, 2 kids meals per adult. No purchase is necessary.

If you know of any other restaurants doing this, let us know in the comments!